Do You Need a Special Mattress for an Adjustable Base?

Do You Need a Special Mattress for an Adjustable Base?

Do You Need a Special Mattress for an Adjustable Base?

Adjustable bases for beds can move around for maximum comfort. They generally move up and down at the head, legs, or both. These adjustable bases are great for anyone who snores or wakes up with chronic pain. For couples, a split adjustable base allows you to make yourself comfortable in the way that suits you best, while your partner does the same. 

An adjustable base can be a great investment for most people with various sleep issues. If you’re going to invest in an adjustable base, use our tips to make sure you’re choosing the perfect mattress for your adjustable base.

Adjustable Base vs. Adjustable Bed: Is There a Difference? 

While “adjustable base” and “adjustable bed” are sometimes used interchangeably, it’s important to remember that there’s a slight difference:

  • Adjustable base refers to the frame itself upon which the mattress rests
  • Mattress is the part you sleep on
  • Adjustable mattress refers to a mattress where the firmness levels or other settings can be changed
  • Adjustable bed refers to the entire package, the base plus the mattress

For most beds, the base itself is the part you’ll adjust based on your sleep preferences and comfort levels. Mattresses don’t adjust by themselves, at least not when it comes to raising your head or feet up and down (adjustable mattresses usually allow you to adjust the firmness of the mattress). Since the base will be moving around, you need to make sure you choose a compatible mattress. We’ll get into the various aspects to consider when determining if a mattress is compatible shortly.

Why Consider an Adjustable Base

There are several health benefits of using an adjustable base for your bed. Some of the most popular include:


Adjustable bases allow snorers to elevate their heads, thus relieving pressure on the airways. For some, this can help reduce the frequency of snoring.

Back Pain

If you’re one of the 80% of Americans who suffer from back problems, an adjustable base can help you find relief while you sleep by lifting your legs higher for a sleep position known as “zero-gravity.” 


Raising your head just six inches while you sleep can help reduce symptoms of GERD or acid reflux, as well as help your body process food more efficiently. 

Other Benefits of an Adjustable Base

Adjustable bed frames can help your whole body sleep pain-free so that you get a better night’s sleep. And the better you sleep, the healthier and happier you’ll be while you’re awake.

So, Do You Need a Special Mattress for an Adjustable Base?

Most mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases, but there are a few exceptions. Fortunately, you don’t need to invest in a specially designed mattress, you just need to find a mattress that is compatible with your adjustable base. Luckily, if you’re looking for an adjustable base, you won’t have to purchase a box spring. Box springs are not compatible with adjustable bases, regardless of the mattress you choose.

Let’s take a look at what you need to keep in mind as you shop for the perfect mattress that’ll work well with your adjustable base.

How to Determine if Your Mattress Will Be Compatible with an Adjustable Base

When shopping for a new mattress, we know you want assurance that you’re making the right decision. We spend about ⅓ of our lives in bed, so why compromise or settle? We know you want to make the right choice when it comes to finding the best mattress for an adjustable base, so we’re here to help you understand what to look for.

Type of Mattress

Most mattresses are made with memory foam, innersprings, or a hybrid of both. Many think that memory foam and hybrid mattresses are the better choice for adjustable bases because they’re flexible, but with modern technology, there are many innerspring mattresses that are also compatible adjustable bases. 

In the end, the majority of mattresses — across the range of different types — are compatible with an adjustable base.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are flexible, which gives them the ability to move with the adjustable base smoothly, especially if you adjust your bed often.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are durable enough to stand up to the movement that comes with an adjustable base. If you have an innerspring mattress in mind, make sure you ask your Mattress Warehouse Sleep Professional™ about which innerspring mattresses might be right for your adjustable base.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses offer the advantages of both memory foam and innersprings. They’re flexible enough to bend with your adjustable base, but sturdy enough to hold up to frequent adjusting. The professionals at Mattress Warehouse can show you the best hybrid mattresses for your adjustable base.

Split vs. Solid Design

If you share a bed, the two of you might not agree on the specific height or angle of your bed’s adjustment. That’s when you should consider a split design. An adjustable base with a split design means that each side of the bed can be adjusted independently of the other side. So if you want to raise your legs for back pain relief, and your partner wants to raise their head for snoring relief, you can both adjust your sides of the bed accordingly and everyone will be happy. 

Keep in mind that you’ll also need either a split mattress or two separate mattresses (two twin mattresses equals one king) to really take advantage of a split adjustable base.

Flexibility & Durability

Mattresses for adjustable bases need to be durable enough to withstand being moved around over time. No matter how many times you adjust your frame, the mattress on top should maintain its shape and level of support.

Of course, durability shouldn’t mean sacrificing flexibility. As you adjust the base of your bed up and down at the head or legs, your mattress will need to move easily along with it. Memory foam mattresses tend to be the most flexible, but some innerspring mattresses will work as well. The Sleep Professionals at Mattress Warehouse as well as our online chat agents can help you find the right mattress — whatever the type — for an adjustable base.

Mattress Height

When considering any base option for your mattress, it’s important to consider height. Being aware of both the height of your base and your mattress will help you make sure that the final height of your bed meets your needs and preferences for optimal comfort.

Some people may have trouble getting into or out of bed if it’s too high off the ground, while others might prefer that extra height. Just keep in mind that the height of your adjustable base and your mattress will be added together for the final height of your bed.

Mattress Weight

If you’ve ever moved a mattress before, you know they can be pretty heavy. Your adjustable base should come with a maximum weight it can hold. In addition to your weight (and the weight of your partner if you share a bed), remember to factor in the weight of your mattress, which can cover a wide range. Going over the weight of your adjustable base could cause permanent damage to it, injury to you and/or your partner, and may void the warranty.

Find the Right Adjustable Base

An adjustable base is a great investment for your health, both physically and mentally. When you invest in an adjustable base, make sure you take the time to find the perfect mattress to go with it. Both your body and mind will certainly thank you for it.

Visit your nearest Mattress Warehouse today to speak with one of our experts about which mattress will give you the best night’s sleep on your adjustable base.



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