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What is a Bunkie Board?

The perfect mattress is nothing without the perfect foundation to go with it. The right foundation will provide your mattress with the proper support, which will help your mattress last longer and perform better.

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A bunkie board is a piece of material, usually made from a type of wood, that serves the purpose of going between your foundation (excluding adjustable bases) and mattress to provide additional support where needed.

Bunkie boards get their name from the fact that their original purpose was to provide support for bunk beds, which are not compatible with box springs. Bunkie boards provide support while allowing bunk beds to maintain the low profile necessary for them to function as a two-person unit.

Today, bunkie boards are widely used for all types of mattresses- twin, queen, and everything in between, in conjunction or instead of a traditional mattress foundation.


There are many benefits to adding a bunkie board to your bedroom set-up. It has a low profile, provides support, and is available in most mattress sizes.

  • Low Profile: Bunkie boards allow a mattress to sit with a low profile. The most popular size bunkie board is 2”. Low profile beds are more aesthetically pleasing because they allow the room to look larger. They are also more easily accessible for children, the elderly, injured individuals, and pets.
  • Support: Most bunkie boards are wooden because this material provides additional support and durability. Bunkie boards can also help prevent squeaky mattresses, prevent sagging, or assist when sagging has already occurred. Having the proper support can also extend the lifespan of your mattress- a properly supported mattress should last an average of 10 years.
  • Versatility: Bunkie boards are relatively inexpensive and available in most sizes, making them easily accessible and suited for a variety of different mattresses. Additionally, if you have a split profile mattress, you can use two bunkie boards to support each individual. Most individuals use bunkie boards to prolong the lifespan of their current mattress.

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Bunkie boards are a simple way to add more support to a sleep system that you already own, but there are other options and other types of foundations to consider. Some work in conjunction with a bunkie board while others replace the need of a bunkie board entirely. Read on to see a breakdown of different types of foundations and how they compare to bunkie boards and which option would be right for you.

  • Box Springs: A box spring is a wooden frame covered in fabric, typically containing coils that provide cushioning. Box springs provide similar support to bunkie boards but they add additional height to your bed. If you’re happy with the current height of your bed, you don’t need a box spring. However, a bunkie board can be added to your current box spring if you do not feel like you are getting enough support.
  • Slatted Foundations: Slatted foundations have just that- slats. This can be appropriate for some mattresses and the slats can increase airflow. However, if you’re a hot sleeper that still needs support, your best bet would be a bunkie board paired with a cooling mattress.
  • Solid Foundations: If your bed frame already has a solid foundation (no slats) a bunkie board is only necessary if you would like extra height.
  • Adjustable Bases: Adjustable bases can be remote controlled to offer different bed positioning, such as raising your head so you can watch TV easier. Bunkie boards are not compatible with adjustable bases as they will prevent the base from moving properly.


Using a bunkie board is easy! All you have to do is slide the bunkie board between your mattress and your foundation to achieve extra comfort and support.


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