What Your Sleeping Style Says About You

What Your Sleeping Style Says About You

Most people have a set routine before they drift off to sleep every night: You crawl into the same side of bed, pull up the sheets and fall asleep in the same position. The three most common positions are on your back, on your side, and on your stomach. You may be intrigued to find out that some body language experts like Robert Phipps believe that the position you sleep in may actually be an indicator of personality and character traits. Read on to find what Phipps' studies have to say about your sleeping position:

Stomach Sleeping Position

Phipps finds that stomach sleepers are more likely than back or side sleepers to feel anxious, or worried about their lives. "Freefallers", as Phipps calls them, may feel like their life is happening around them, and that they have little control over their tasks and agenda. They also tend to be the most outgoing group out of any sleeping position. In order to help combat that, Phipps recommends that "Freefallers" focus on baby steps. Take control of your day one thing at a time, and be confident in your ability to be in charge.

Sleeping on your stomach can cause long term damage to your neck, due to the unnatural breathing position adopted in this position. At Mattress Warehouse, we have a variety of pillows designed to combat this breathing problem as well as offer extra comfort to stomach sleepers. Check out these pillows from BEDGEAR.

Back Sleeping Position

Sleeping rigid and straight on your back can be a reflection of your real-life personality, says Phipps. Back sleepers tend to take charge and are hard workers, but also may be prone to bossiness or stubbornness. People who are back sleepers commonly identify as perfectionists. However, your hand position can change the whole connotation of your sleeping position. Back sleepers who elevate their hands above their heads are often known to be caring, good friends and great listeners. They tend to be more subdued and quieter than back sleepers who keep their arms at their sides. Back sleepers require a more low profile pillow to maintain proper alignment. Check out the selection at Mattress Warehouse and start getting the quality rest you deserve.

Side Sleeping Position

Over 58% of people identify as side sleepers, making it the most common sleeping position. Among side sleepers there are "Log" sleepers, "Yearners", and the fetal position, with fetal being the most popular. Interestingly, women report sleeping in the fetal position, with your knees pulled up about halfway to your chest, about twice as much as men. According to Phipps, sleeping in a fetal position is a pretty good sign that you are a worrier. This position also may mean you show a tough exterior but underneath have a sensitive heart. Other characteristics include, warm, conscientious, and open-minded. "Log" sleepers, like the name implies, sleep on their side with their body in a straight line and resembling a log. Phipps finds this group to be easygoing and friendly, but also gullible. Finally, "Yearners" like to sleep on their side with their arms stretched out in front of them. "Yearners", while both joyful and eager, have also been found to be cynical and stubborn. Are you a side sleeper? Click here for the pillow specifically designed for you.

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