Firm or Plush Mattresses: Which is Right for You?

Firm or Plush Mattresses: Which is Right for You?

Firm or Plush Mattress: Which is Right for You?

How well you sleep depends a great deal on the mattress you choose. If you often wake up with muscle soreness or feel like you barely slept, your mattress may not be providing the proper support. The firmness or plushness of your mattress allows your muscles to relax fully, based on your preferred sleep position, injuries, and whether you sleep with a partner. 

What Determines if a Mattress is Firm or Plush?

The firmness of a mattress is determined by its construction and materials. Firm mattresses provide an even and sturdy surface, even if they have a layer of pillow top for comfort. Plush mattresses have thicker comfort layers that offer ample cushioning for that “hug” feeling when you lie down.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to choose between an extra firm or ultra plush mattress. There are plush mattresses with the support of a firm mattress and firm mattresses with plenty of plush on the top layer. Many of our hybrid mattresses combine the best of both firm support and plush cushioning. Hybrid mattresses are a great solution for those who want a firm or plush level that’s somewhere in the middle: plenty of support, plenty of cushion.

We can help you learn whether a plush or firm mattress – or something in between – is right for you. Our bedMATCH® system is scientifically designed to help you find the right level of comfort, or you can come into any Mattress Warehouse store to speak with a professional and try out our wide selection of mattresses.

Are Firm or Plush Mattresses Better?

Not all mattresses are designed with the same level of firmness or plushness – what some call “softness.” Choosing the level that’s right for you will depend on a few factors. 

Sleeping Position

Your sleep position will influence what level of firmness or plushness you find most comfortable for sleeping – and which is best for your unique needs. What does that mean? Stomach and back sleepers will need a firmer mattress to keep their spines aligned, but side sleepers do better with a more plush mattress that cradles the hips. Plush mattresses offer more cushioning, which keeps the spine in alignment when you’re on your side. 

Partner Preferences

Many plush mattresses are designed, in part, to absorb motion. If you sleep with a partner, you probably already know how important it is not to wake each other up when getting in and out of bed, especially if you’re on different sleep schedules. 

But what happens if you prefer a firmer mattress and the other wants something ultra plush? Thankfully, mattresses come in a range of firmness levels so that you and your partner can meet in the middle with a mattress that’s just right for you both.

Pain Points

Living with chronic pain can affect your sleep. Whether you need a plush or firm mattress, consider the parts of your body that experience the most pain. For example, those with back problems might find that a plush mattress pulls their spine out of alignment, causing them to wake up with even worse pain. On the other hand, those with shoulder pain might find that an ultra-plush mattress cradles sore shoulders in just the right way.

When Should You Choose a Plush Mattress?

Just the word “plush” conjures images of luxurious cushioning, a sort of hug for your entire body as you drift off to sleep. For side sleepers, plush mattresses cradle your hips enough to keep your spine from twisting sideways. And for anyone with hip or shoulder pain, a plush mattress will gently cushion your joints as you sleep so you don’t wake up with pain in those pressure points. Plush mattresses also tend to isolate more motion, so whether you sleep with a partner or not, it may help you sleep better through the night as you avoid bouncing around your bed every time you move.

When Should You Choose a Firm Mattress?

A firm mattress is all about support. Back and stomach sleepers need that support to keep from overextending or crunching parts of their spines and waking up with back pain. Sleeping on your back or stomach avoids putting all your body’s pressure on one side, evenly spacing it out instead. For those who prefer a certain level of “bounce” to their beds, a firm mattress will do the trick.

What Can I Do if My Mattress is Too Plush or Too Firm?

Maybe you’ve decided that your current mattress is too firm or too plush. This may happen if you have a new injury and require a new level of firmness or plushness to help you sleep without pain. Or maybe you’ve moved in with a partner who has different sleep preferences, and you’re looking for a way to compromise. Whatever the case, you’re ready for a change.

The best option, of course, is to buy a new mattress that suits your level of comfort. However, if you’re unable to buy a new mattress, a few “quick fixes” will adjust the level of your mattress’s comfort. While these are not substitutes for investing in the right mattress, these tips will help you sleep better right away.

Make Your Mattress Firmer

Here are some steps you can take to try and make your mattress feel firmer: 

  • Add a firm, supportive mattress topper
  • Add a bunkie board under your mattress
  • If you don’t have one already, use a box spring under your mattress

Make Your Mattress Plusher

Here are some tips you can use to try and make your mattress feel plusher:

  • Add a plush, cushioning mattress topper
  • Replace your bed frame with something that has more give, like switching from a platform bed to a base with sprung wooden slats
  • Memory foam softens in warmer temperatures, so if you have a memory foam mattress, consider making your bedroom warmer

Find the Perfect Level of Comfort at Mattress Warehouse

Whether you crave the support of a firm mattress or dream of sleeping in the luxury of an ultra-plush mattress, we have what you want at Mattress Warehouse. Use our scientifically-designed bedMATCH® system that will ask you questions and tell you the exact level of firmness or plushness that’s right for you. 

Visit one of our many convenient locations to try our mattresses out for yourself! Our Mattress Warehouse Sleep Professionals can help you find the mattress of your dreams.
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